Reference Sources for the Genealogy of the
George Washington 1st US President Family

Author's Note: Because this genealogy was created over a several year period, and the author initially lacked a full appreciation of the need to footnote all sources, not all sources may have been cited for a specific entry but may instead be shown in the notes (some being many pages) attached to each record. Where sources for persons dating prior to 1500 are involved, the author most probably relied on Leo van de Pas' massive well documented genealogics website, Jim Weber's great tree at (db=jweber) with its copious notes, or the many great posts to the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup SGM. My apologies for incompletely citing them and others - and unbounded thanks to all genealogist's relied upon herein for the help they provided.
About These Sources : All items are extracted from the footnote citations. Many entries in George Washington 1st US President's
full genealogy may also contain 'Notes' with additional sources cited. Those additional sources are not shown below.
While these sources are believed to be the most relevant and reliable, new sources, corrections and additions are always welcome.
These should be directed to the author, Terry J. Booth, at email address

1.   Alen, Rupert & Dahlquist, Anna,  Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev,  (1997, King's River Publ.) 
2.   Baildon, W. Pailey F.S.A. (1859-1924),  Baildon and the Baildons : A History of a Yorkshire Manor and Family,  (Privately Printed by the Author, St. Catherines Press; 2 Volumes; 570 pages; about 1925) 
3.   Bailey, Thomas,  History of the County of Nottingham [England],  (Published 1853) 
4.   Baker, George,  History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton;,  (1822-1841) 
5.   Baldwin, Stewart & Farmerie, Todd,  The Henry Project. The ancestors of king Henry II of England - An experiment in cooperative medieval genealogy on the internet,  (A website devoted to identifying the first 10 generations of ancestors for Henry II Plantagenent, first announced on the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup and GEN-MEDIEVAL mailing list on 23 July 2001. It is called the Henry Project because all individuals identified - which includes an extensive documentation of all reliable sources - MUST be ancestors of King Henry II of England.) 
6.   Bartrum, Peter C,  Welsh Genealogies, AD 300-1400,  (University of Wales Press [for] the Board of Celtic Studies (1974 - revised 1981;); 941 pages.) 
7.   Beaumont, Edward T., J.P.,  The Beaumonts in History : A.D. 850 - 1850,  (1, Staverton Road; OXFORD. A copy of this book is available in pdf format at, where the entire book can be downloaded. Also see google books library @ for extended description of this family in the Yorksdhire Genealogical Journal.) 
8.   Behling, Susanne Lucretia "Sam,"  Register Reports by Sam Behling,  (Found at URL "". Contains NEHGR style register reports for numerous Surnames including Booth, Waite, Hoskins, Marbury and others. The information was collected over a 30 year period by a demanding genealogist, are are believed supported by substantial original source documents such as NEHGR and TAG articles, Family Genealogies, wills etc) 
9.   Brafhurst, A. Maunsell,  My Forefathers, Their History from Record and Traditions,  (1910) 
10.   Burke,  Burke's Peerage & Gentry,  (See 
11.   Burke, John Esq. & Burke, John Bernard Esq.,  Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scotland,  (Scott Webster & Geary, London; 1888. Available on google.books at An apparently earlier 1841 edition is also available Baltimore Genealogical Publ. Co; 1977; 644 pages.) 
12.   Burke, John,  History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland,  (Published 1834-1838) 
13.   Burke, Sir Bernard,  Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages,  (Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, England, 1883) 
14.   Carretier, Christian,  Les Ancestres de Louis XIV, 512 quartiers,  (Paris, 1981. The entries for his ancestry can be found on Leo van de Paz' great Genealogics website at 
15.   Castelli, Jorge H.,  Tudor Place Website, including genealogies of Important Landed Gentry,  (Blount Family url is: List of all Surnames is : Lines based on Complete Peerage where available. - reliable but not an ultimate authority) 
16.   Cawley, Charles,  MEDIEVAL LANDS : A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families,  (Website maintained by the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. The 'Lands' project - found at - is a well documented massive 'encyclopedia' of all the Royalty of every European country - and many other countries, organized by families and/or titles. Whether it is the 'Dukes of Burgundy' or the 'Kings of Wessex', an often lengthy genealogical description can be found if there are reference sources to support it.) 
17.   Church of Later Day Saints - Family History Website,  LDS International Genealogical Index,  (Record submitted by an LDS member with no source indicated. It should be regarded as requiring further proof. Found at 
18.   Church of Later Day Saints - Family History Website,  LDS International Genealogical Index,  (Record was submitted by an LDS member, but from a public record notated in the IGI file. Information is probably correct, especially if source is stated in the reference note detail. Found at : 
19.   Churchill, Winston S,  A History of The English-Speaking Peoples,  (One Volume Edition 1998) 
20.   Cokayne, George E. and others,  Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom,  (Sutton Publishing, Gloucestershire, 2000 (Reprint of 1937 edition).Widely considered to be the single most authorative source about English peerage. Generally only found in major libraries, as it is 14 volumes (last volume with corrections) and costs about $500 to purchase. The Jim Weber tree, db=jweber, contains transcriptions of most entries that were originally posted by Dave Utz of Wilmette.) 
21.   Colket, Meredith B., Jr.,  The English Ancestry of Anne Marbury Hutchinson and Katherine Marbury Scott,  (The Magee Press; Philadelphia; 1936.) 
22.   Dodsworth, Roger; transcribed by Mr. Tillotson,  Dodsworth's Yorkshire notes. The wapentake of Agbrigg,  (Yorkshire Archeological & Topographical Society; Bradbury Agnew & Co; 1884. Available in google books at 
23.   Dugdale,  Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire,  (Can be found on the internet.) 
24.   Faris, David,  Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists,  (2nd Edition 1999, NEHGS) 
25.   Flank, Jane Williams,  Williams/Rose Legacies,  (A well documented tree, db=jwflank, that traces the ancestry of the Merovingian and other early French families back to Julius Ceasar and other notable Roman families. Based on the work of Settipani (2000), Encyclopedia Britannica entries and others, it reflects the results of the best scholarly attempts to link the Dark Ages families back to Rome. Since a number of links may rely as much or more on family naming patterns than documented proof, many of the ancestries are best described as probable or 'most likely'. But in an era when most if not all of the documents necessary prove many relationships have long been lost, one is left with 2 alternatives - ignore all such ancestries, or rely on the work of the best contemporary scholars to identify 'most probable' relationships to the extent there is at least some credible evidence to support the identification, and it is not significantly inconsistent with any contrary evidence.) 
26.   Flower, William,  The Visitation of Yorkshire in the Years 1563 and 1564:,  (See pages 238-239. See google books at 
27.   Foster, Joseph (Compiled by) and Authenticated by the Members of Each Family,  Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire, West Riding and North & East Riding,  (W. Wilfred Head, London, 1874, Vols. I-IV, West Riding and North & East Riding, W. Wilfred Head, London, 1874, Vol. I, West Riding, A-L and Vol. II, M-Z.) 
28.   Foster, Joseph,  Annotated Pedigrees by Joseph Foster, held in the Society of Genealogists, London,  (Prob. 19th century) 
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32.   Given-Wilson, C. and Curtes, A.,  The Royal Bastards of Medieval England,  (1995) 
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35.   Guild, Mary Stiles (Paul),  The Stiles Family in America : Genealogies of the Massachusetts Family, Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass 1659-1891. and the Dover N.H. Family, Descendants of William Stiles of Dover, N.H. 1702-1891.,  (Albany, NY; Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers; 1892.) 
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37.   Hickling, Douglas,  Which John de Mowbray was the Brother of Christiana de Plumpton?,  (See and the related 2 prior pages. Christiana de Mowbray, wife of William de Plumpton, was the sister of John de Mowbray, but several possible John de Mowbray's exist. Hickling reviews the evidence and documents that the preponderance of the evidence clearly indicates John I, 2nd Lord Mowbray, was her father.) 
38.   Holland, Bernard Henry,  The Lancashire Hollands,  (London. J. Murray. 1990. Also available on as part of their 'Family and Local Histories' section.) 
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49.   Marshall, Bill (,  Medieval and Ancient Lines,  (Extracted from Bill Marshall's (also tree, db=wtm2. His tree contains essentially all CP entries plus many other medieval royalty and gentry, and contains excellent documentation (or explanations) for almost all his entries. Akin to that of Jim Weber's database, but with additional sources shown, it is not a definitive reference, but of great value when searching for leads and probable linkages oftentimes not shown elsewhere.) 
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54.   Paget, Gerald,  The Lineage and Ancestry of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales,  (Edinburgh, 1977. The entire pedigree from Paget is found on Leo van de Pas' Genealogics website at <a href=''>Here</a>. References are to Paget's ID code.) 
55.   Pas, Leonardus Franciscus Maria van de (Affectionately known as Leo van de Pas, or 'Leo' on SGM),  Leo's Genealogics Website,  (Located at A huge database that is well researched and documented with all sources shown. The website contains a huge quantity of medieval royalty and ancestry links, one webpage per person, as well as trees and families. Sources used include the best published sources - many in foreign languages - and reliable SGM rootsweb medieval posters like Peter Stewart, Rosie Bevan, John Ravilious, Nat Taylor etc. Links are almost never entered unless reasonable proof and/or a reliable individual source citation exists. A unique and valuable database not duplicated elsewhere.) 
56.   Paul, Sir James Balfour,  The Scots Peerage; Sir James Balfour Paul with Addenda et Corrigenda,  (1904-1914, with 2000 revision) 
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59.   Raine, James and Clay, John William,  A Selection of Wills from the Registry of York (6 Volumes),  (Surtees Society; Durham; 1869. Vol IV w/John Sothill will and notes available on google books at The entire series is apparently entered consecutively, with vol 45 index as Try changing last alph characters of ID to acess each index in turn.) 
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62.   Richardson, Douglas,  Magna Carta Ancestry : A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families,  (Genealogical Publishing Co.; 2005; Baltimore MD; 1095 pages including index. A listing of the proven descendants of the 24 Magna Carta Sureties with known genealogies, including an outstanding list of source citations for each entry. The book is the second volume in Richardson's ambitious series of genealogical reference works.) 
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70.   Sheard, Michael,  Records of the Parish of Batley in the county of York : historical, topographical, ecclesiastical, testamentary, and genealogic
Records of the parish of Batley in the county of York : historical, topographical, ecclesiastical, testamentary, and genealogic
,  (Pages 272-273 have Elands of Carlinghow Hall, pages 273-274 have the Mirfields of Howley Hall. No other pedigrees or genealogies of this extent are known. Based on reliable albeit few sources, many of them from Batley church records, the chronologies fit with the related other families. Found in the 'Family & Local Histories' library.)
71.   Sherborn, Charles Davies,  A history of the family of Sherborn,  (London. Mitchell and Hughes. 1901. Also available online at the website as a Family & Local History selection, found at 
72.   Sipler, Dwight;,  Ancestry of the Passmore Sisters of Nottingham,  (2002. Available on 
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78.   Taylor, Nathaniel & Farmerie, Todd A.,  Notes on the Ancestry of Sancha de Ayala,  (New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 103 (Jan 1998), pages 36-48. A pre-publication MS can be found at 
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83.   Utzinger, Dave ;,  GERNON (1100-1308),  (A Gen Medeival posting from Dec 1996 from an always reliable genealogist.) 
84.   Various Authors,  Misc information found in internet search,  (Source should be cited in details, including the URL.) 
85.   Various ministers and clerks,  Manual of the First Church of Dover NH : Organized Dec 1638,  (N. E. Stiles' Job Print; 1900; Dover NH. The document - which contains numerous 18th and 19th century birth, marriage and death records - appears in 'Collections of the Dover, N.H. Historical Society', which book is available online in the 'Families and Local Histories' Collection.) 
86.   Various,  Encyclopedia Britannica,  (Available on CD, most entries cited herein are from early editions of this work in the public domain.) 
87.   Various,  New England Historical and Genealogical Record,  (A quarterly publication of the New England Historic Genealogic Society.
Date of Issue and Page Number to be noted in details.)
88.   Various,  See Source Notes for documentation.,  (The source for this information will be seen in the notes for person referenced in the details for this source.) 
89.   Various,  Some Corrections and Additions to the Complete Peerage,  (Found at 
90.   Various,  Visitations of Yorkshire 1563/64, 1584/5 & 1612,  (The 1563/64 Visitation is on google books at 
91.   Various,  Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia,  (Online encyclopedia, found at, containing a tremendous amount of scholarly entries concerning people, history and a wide range of other topics. An excellent source for biographies, for the history of medieval and earlier times, and for the descents of kings and royalty for a great many countries, both present and past. Since contributors are not paid, care must be used to screen all entries and the sources listed for the information presented.) 
92.   Various.,  Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval, also found at groups -,  (soc.genealogy.medieval IN newsboard groups, also usually found on 
93.   Vivian,  Vivian's Visitations of Devon 1620, 1895 edition,  (1895) 
94.   Weber, Jim (,  The Phillips, Weber, Kirk, & Staggs families of the Pacific Northwest,  (Extracted from Jim Weber's (also tree, db=jweber, oftentimes with his notes and citations. His tree contains essentially all CP entries plus many other medieval royalty and gentry, and contains excellent documentation (or explanations) for almost all his entries. Not the definitive reference, but of great value when searching for leads and probable linkages oftentimes not shown elsewhere. The index page to all his 39,000+ names on rootsweb is <<>>.) 
95.   Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Shepard, William R. & Kaleen E. Beall,  Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700 - 8th and Earlier Editions,  (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore MD; 2004; 359 pages) 
96.   Weis, Frederick Lewis; Sheppard, Walter Lee; with Beall, William R.,  Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 : The Barons Named in the MagnaCharta, 1215 and Some of Their Descendants Who Settled in America during the Early Colonial Years,  (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore MD; 1999; 214 pages.) 
97.   Wentworth, John, LL.D., of Chicago, Illinois,  The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American,  (Boston MA; Little, Brown & Co.; 1878. In Three Volumes on Google books Vol I <,M1>, Vol. II <>, Vol III <,M1>. An earlier 2 volume edition, Boston MA; Press of A. Mudge & Son; 1870 can be found in the 'Family and Local Histories' Library, while the original NEHGR article can be found in various issues beginning on page 321 of the Oct 1850 issue (Vol. 4).) 
98.   Woodrooffe, Selina Mary,  Pedigree of Woodrooffe, with memorials and notes,  (1878; Printed by Mitchell & Hughes. The pedigree itself can be found on google books at Based apparently of Walker's pedigree of the family, it is modified to reflect the will of Olver, uncle to the John Woodruffe who m. Isabel Hamerton. His will and a discussion of the surrounding generations is found on goole books, 
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